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The Next DJeneration

With thousands of carefully selected tunes in a vast range of styles, DJ AngeLove gets people from all corners of the world up on their feet, dancing till dawn. His sound cannot be described as Mainstream: it is much closer to the Experimental Underground scene, with a lot of Intelligent and Ambient Electronic music.

A vast variety of World music - in particular music coming from the Balkans, African and Latino American vibes, Nordic ambient tunes, Asian grooves, Russian sounds ... give his concerts a rich and unusual flavour.

Strange and Easy-listening music is mixed in at very surprising moments to create weird and wonderful moods.

Artfully mixing different styles AngeLove is fresh and innovative, his ability to communicate with the crowd through his rich repertoire make his concerts unique and unforgettable.

Being a highly educated and successful musician, composer and producer he chooses to play interesting and original music from relatively unknown artists. The most important element of this music is the special mood that it creates.

He has performed in Salzburg [Austria], Sofia [Bulgaria], Belgrade [Serbia], Munich [Germany] and has gigs coming up in Berlin [Germany], Lyon [France] and Skopje [Macedonia] ...

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